Code of Conduct


Family owned and operated since 1994, Landway is committed to conducting business in a manner that is socially, ethically, and environmentally responsible.

Socially responsible

Landway feels strongly about investing and participating in local community events and programs. Our staff actively volunteers at the Peninsula Humane Society and we also donate unsold and discontinued items to local schools and charities, thus keeping thousands of pounds of textiles out of the local landfills.

Our main office is centrally located near public transportation which allows many of our employees to reduce auto emissions and over half of our staff carpools to work daily.

We promote a culture that recognizes the importance of healthy work-life balance. Recognizing that happy and relaxed employees make better ambassadors for Landway, we encourage initiative and participation by creating a casual and open work environment that taps full employee potential. Our employees participate in weekly stretching, meditation, and team building activities to maintain a healthy work environment and also receive a monetary wellness benefit to be used towards a wellness activity of their choice outside of work.

Ethically Responsible Manufacturing

Landway recognizes that we have a responsibility to ensure that slavery and trafficking does not occur in our global supply chain. We seek to operate in compliance with the highest standard and all applicable national laws wherever we do business, and to respect and support international principles aimed at preventing and eradicating trafficking and slavery, as described in the 2000 United Nations “Palermo Protocol” and the 1926 Slavery Convention.

To this end, Landway will not manufacture products in factories that use forced, prison, indentured, or bonded labor. Landway shall also not employ any person under the age of 15 or under the age for completion of compulsory education, whichever is higher. Landway is committed to ensuring that the production of our garments meets legal and ethical standards.

Environmentally Responsible

Landway has many successful initiatives aimed at minimizing our impact on the environment. These include programs to conserve paper, packaging and energy, and promote recycling.

Recycled fleece is an option that is available on many of our fleece garments. We manufacture these garments with a recycled content of 85% post-consumer bottles and post-industrial textiles remnants.

Landway is proud of to offer many of our fleece garments as USA made, thus supporting our economy by employing a local workforce, and supporting jobs in our community.

As much as possible, we strive to reduce remnants and pattern waste by grouping garment patterns in an efficient manner. As many remnants as possible are used to create fleece caps, scarves and other accessories. Remnants are also cut into rags for use by our housekeeping team. We continuously seek out creative ways to recycle our remnants, and most recently we donated bags of excess fleece to a local school for use as boxing bag filling.

Wood waste, such as used or broken pallets, and other materials are recycled and repurposed within our warehouse.

Cardboard cartons are repeatedly reused, thereby minimizing the need for additional packaging materials. Once cartons can no longer be used, we recycled them.

Electronic office equipment and appliances no longer of use are recycled through local programs.

Landway is aware of the importance of reducing our impact on the environment. In everything we do, we strive to recycle, reduce and reuse.


Product Safety



All Landway products shipped within the state of California are subject to Proposition 65 ("Prop 65"). Prop 65, or the Safe Drinking Water and Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986, entitles California consumers to visible warnings on goods that may contain chemicals known to cause health and reproductive harm. 

Landway is committed to supplying high-quality garments, exceptional customer support, as well as full compliance with Federal and State health and safety requirements.

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