Our collaboration with some of the world’s most trusted fabric mills has allowed us to create award winning designs in the outdoor apparel industry. We proudly craft our state-of-the-art collection by tailoring to our mission of promoting active lifestyles while reducing our environmental impact.


The key advantage of our Polyloft® recycled polyester insulated fabric over down is its ability to dry quickly and retain its warmth and lofty feel. This cutting edge alternative fill provides a medium level of insulation at 60G/M2


Our active-dry polyester yarn structure draws sweat and perspiration away from the skin and releases it out to the surface of the fabric, keeping you cool and dry.

3-Layer Bond

Our 3-Layer bonded fabric consists of an outer face shell, a PU laminated membrane, and inner linning layer. The middle membrane contains microscopic pores that guard against moisture, but allows for breathability. So wind and rain are shut out while air circulates throughout.


Our wind and waterproof aquavent technical fabrics are designed to protect you from the elements without locking in body moisture. Designed with micropores that allow for heat and moisture to escape, this fabric keeps you warm and dry.

Thermal Dry Fleece

Our thermal dry fabric is engineered with a unique grid structure that enhances dry-wicking capabilities and durability.

Functional Fleece

This ultra hydrophobic polyester fabric maintains body temperatures by locking in natural body heat while boasting breathable performance properties.

Power Stretch

We incorporate many of our designs with fabric that has 4-way stretch elastane for maximum movement.

YKK® Zippers

We partnered with YKK®, the leading zipper manufacturer in the world. High quality YKK® zippers are consistently featured in many of our top styles.


Landway is committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products and the methods in which they are produced. We have teamed up with our global network of vendors, customers and business partners to adopt a corporate social responsibility policy that reduces waste, protects the environment and expands sustainable practices. In 2020 we updated some of our most popular styles utilizing these key advances in sustainable fabric technology.

[1] Yarns made from Solution-Dye-Pellets that significantly reduces water usage and harmful waste.

[2] Polyloft® Insulation made from recycled polyester reusing post-industrial waste fibers.

[3] Water-repellency using PVC Free C6 DWR treatment reducing the carbon footprint of our waterproof clothing.

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